Meet the owners

We are four proud owners at Protelicious, Natalie Rie, Sheila Partrat, Dr Jean Francois Lesgards and Hugo Montagne, each with our own story .. penned below  - which eventually brought us together "at the helm".  More importantly however - we share core beliefs which keep us and Protelicious all moving in the same direction:

  • Great taste & health should live together in harmony: we believe that real food with great flavours should be part of the journey to optimum health & fitness for everyone: young, less young, parents, grandparents, active, fit and less active or fit alike. We are what we eat, so better if it tastes good! We believe in foods... with benefits.
  • Simplicity and quality are worth the effort: we all deserve quality food and we prefer ours with as few ingredients as is necessary. Enough of these long lists of unknown ingredients! This is a running theme in our lives as well as here at Protelicious.  We only source the highest quality whey from the highest standard dairy farms – grass fed cows, without unnecessary use of hormones or antibiotics. Then, we use gourmet flavours using only ingredients we would find in our kitchens, making our proteins not only more delicious, but also more healthful.
  • Evidence based please: the body of research on all the health benefits of protein and whey is recent and keeps growing! We love to dig into it with our researcher eyes and to share what we find. Knowledge is so important to empower each of us with our health, it can - and will - take a lifetime to explore these complex subjects, let us help a little here!




The research on proteins and whey in particular is growing with more health benefits explored and confirmed, far beyond where whey is known for now. We're on a mission to explore this and bring healthful and flavourful products to those who can benefit from them most!

I met with whey in the process of working hard to change my body composition (the most elegant way coaches refer to eliminating FAT for someone like me then!). I had had my third child, turned 40 and when trying to run again I injured my ankle: I was weak and broken so I decided to become fit, strong and lean! In a sustainable way, no crazy diet that would make me binge back the minute I stop, no definitive farewell to pizza or champagne, no magical meal replacement!


It was about understanding what I was eating and adopting a new long term approach to nutrition and fitness. I got help from a great coach, I knew and chose what and when I was eating, and I trained hard. That scoop of whey every morning helped tremendously! Because it was pretty challenging for me to find a diverse source of protein in sufficient quantity. As a result: 20 pounds of fat shed in 10 months, along 2 pounds of muscle mass (it’s that hard to lose only fat)! It’s good to be in a healthy place, there’s so much to do from there.           


While recently seeking advice about my 90 year old mother from friend Dr J ean François Lesgards, who had done years of research on health, food and oxidative stress, his response was clear. "Get whey protein from grass fed cows that has been cold processed. It's hard to find, but the health benefits are stellar”.  

Perplexed that it was THIS GOOD, that after an undergrad in Food science and decades of reading up and even research for a co-written book on the subject, I had never understood  whey to associated with other than for muscle synthesis and structural support. I took note and went on a hunt.  Then I understood the difference, whey and grass fed cold processed whey! Bingo!

The stars aligned in Hong Kong when I spoke with founder of Protelicious Hugo Montagne. I admit, I am a big fan now. I have NEVER found anything that tastes this good with health benefits like this. In over three months of daily enjoyment, it has been a "game changer" for me and my family.  It has stopped my 90 year old mother from going backwards. For me, in my 50’s now, my energy and strength are better, I enjoy greater gastrointestinal comfort, a higher resistance to colds and flu that the kids inevitably bring home, less cellulite (yes that counts!), and a better quality of skin and hair. When I told my family doctor about it, her response was almost comical.  "You don't have to say anything, I can see it on you!. My husband and kids just take it because they like it. They all remark on the steadying impact on moods, energy and resistance to germs.

The impact was so good that the business became an obvious next step. I could not be more pleased or proud to make available to others this simply delicious addition to daily life with such huge health benefits



A well as many people I guess, who prefer outdoor sports like soccer or tennis, I used to see whey only as a kind of « flour » used by bodybuilders to make their muscles swell.

But in parallel, my work and passion as a researcher in nutrition for more than 20 years now, looking for natural product to prevent and cure inflammatory diseases, brought me to consider whey from another angle.

Indeed if mostly everybody is aware that proteins are necessary for muscle and bones, the importance for building our defenses potential against life aggressions (stress, pollution, tobacco smoke, bad food) and ageing is widely underestimated, even by a lot of good researchers and physicians ! Vitamins or omega-3 fatty acids are often highlighted in magazines but it’s not enough…

So this changed my way to see this natural product... but only when it’s made by soft processes (the key point!) that permits whey extracts to maintain all the quality of its fantastic original proteins for gaining muscle as well as for other health goals.

HUGO MONTAGNE, founder of Island Supplements.. 

At the age of 21, I decided I was no longer going to put up with drinking foul tasting protein shakes of dubious quality, and started sourcing my own unflavoured whey from various manufacturers.

Moving to Hong Kong in 2015, I saw the difficulty that health enthusiasts went through to get ahold of unflavoured whey, and thought I’d do everyone a service and source for retail. Soon enough, I realised that the mixes that I had been preparing for myself could find a receptive audience here, so set about producing them in large enough quantities to sell.

There was no question as to the quality I wanted to produce: it had to be good enough for me to drink and enjoy it, and I am a tough customer.

So I set about sourcing only the highest quality ingredients I could find, and mixing them to create the authentic gourmet flavour profiles you all enjoy from Protelicious today!