The Protelicious story

We are Hong Kong's local gourmet health promoting whey protein company.


We source the highest quality Whey Protein Concentrate from New Zealand dairy farms, where the cows are raised in pastures and feed on grass - their natural environment! This is both an ethical and a healthy choice, and you can taste the difference in our grass-fed whey.


Our whey is cold processed, retaining all the research-backed health properties, which go way beyond fitness, for this highly digestible protein. Instead of using industrial 'natural' flavourings, extracts, or concentrates - the origins of which are dubious - we use only wholesome ingredients, the same kind you would use in your kitchen: high-quality cocoa powders, ceremonial grade green teas, freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries, and the natural zero calorie sweetener: stevia. We don't add sugar or any fillers, thickeners, or conservatives. 


The outcome is luscious tasting health promoting protein blends, that are ethically sourced, and don't taste like a sugar bomb!


Here's to the marriage of deliciousness and health promoting food, which have often been distant or divorced!


 Sheila, Dr Jean-Francois