Our Whey

Our pure, mild and creamy Whey Protein Concentrate comes from 100% New Zealand grass-fed cows & is cold filter processed. Because of how our whey is processed, it retains all the powerful immune and health building benefits of heat sensitive amino acids.

What Sets Our Whey Apart

Cold Filter Processed & Clean

Low temperature processing which retains all the heat sensitive amino acids that are often lost during conventional processing or cooking. Amino acids are what our bodies need on a daily basis to function optimally. These amino acids act as immune boosters, antioxidants, support hormones and are anti-inflammatory.


Whey is a byproduct of cheese manufacturing so does not produce any waste. As our New Zealand dairy cattle are pasture fed 350+ days a year, our cows emit ⅓ of the greenhouse gases compared to industry standard.

Highest quality control & sourcing

Our signature whey protein concentrate is sourced exclusively from a New Zealand based, global leader in dairy production from New Zealand grass-fed cows. Our whey is then blended and packaged with the finest select gourmet flavouring ingredients.