This product is only available in the United States & Hong Kong for the time being.

Changing the Ice Cream Game One Scoop at a Time

Parad’Ice brings you an unmatched luxurious, velvety ice cream that is also naturally anti-inflammatory and supports immunity and antioxidation thanks to to a healthy dose of Protelicious signature protein per serving. Our signature protein concentrate is sourced from New Zealand grass fed cows that have been on pasture for 350 days a year. It is also non-GMO, and mild & creamy-tasting.

Parad'Ice Ice Cream nutrition facts. Hard to beat!

• Thanks to Protelicious Whey Protein, Parad’Ice has a unique & optimal nutritonal profile, natural anti-inflammatory properties, supports hair, skin and nails & supports the immune system.

• Contains 1.5-3x more protein than the average ice cream per serving.

• Contains less calories than the average ice cream per serving.

No added sugar, artifical flavours & artifiical sweeteners.

• Contains less carboyhdrates than the average ice cream per serving.

No growth hormones/antibiotics.

No Compromise. Gourmet taste & Health Benefits

• Velvety texture & light mouth feel

• Creamy tasting & no after taste

• Rich & luxurious flavour

• Only the finest & real ingredients such as:

• Protelicious Signature Protein

• Real strawberries

• Premium dark chocolate

• Madagascan Vanilla

• Real cream