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Gourmet Whey Protein – Mixed Sample Pack | 6 x 25g Single Serve portions

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Protelicious Whey Protein Sample Pack

This is the perfect choice for those who are not sure which flavour of Protelicious Whey Protein Powder they would like to try and ideal for those on the go. We will send you six sachets (two of each flavour) and a Protelicious Shaker bottle:

True Chocolate Whey Protein, made with 100% top quality Valrhona cocoa powder is a blend reminiscent of a comforting mug of hot chocolate.

True Strawberry Whey Protein is made with real strawberries that are freeze-dried for optimal taste and smell to maintain the antioxidant properties of fresh-from-the-field summer strawberries.

True Original Gourmet Whey Protein is truly our most versatile flavour option. From inventing your own smoothies or adding to your breakfast cereal, to blending into chilled soups or creating high protein desserts.

    Why Protelicious Whey?

    Protelicious whey provides your body with what it needs the most, yet is hardest to come by – clean, absorbable, high-quality, undamaged protein. Every system in our body needs this quality protein to do its job better – including detox, cellular repair and strengthening immunity. You’ll crave Protelicious because it’s delicious.

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