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Gourmet Whey Protein – True Chocolate | 500g

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With only three ingredients, True Chocolate Whey Protein, made with 100% top quality Valrhona cocoa powder is a decadent treat that significantly adds to health, without added sugar or guilt. Click through product images to see nutrition facts.

    Our blends are famous for being the best tasting whey protein powder our customers have ever had.

    17g of Quality Protein

    Each scoop contains 17g of quality protein.

    Clean Ingredients Only

    We only use a maximum of three high quality ingredients. No hormones. No additives. No added sugar. Three ingredients or less.

    Health Benefits

    With daily use, you will notice sublet but life enhancing benefits.


    Our blends are famous for being the best tasting whey protein concentrate our clients have ever tried.

    Only Three Quality Ingredients

    • Cold Filter Processed Whey

      Cold Filter Processed Whey

      Highest quality whey protein concentrate from New Zealand grass fed cows. Cold filtration processing maintains the full amino acid profile of this highly digestible, delicious form of protein.

    • Valrhona Chocolate

      Valrhona Chocolate

      The world’s finest chocolate from France. 100% sugar-free cocoa powder with an exceptional finesse and flavour. Perfect for gourmet recipes.

    • Organic Stevia

      Organic Stevia

      Made from Non-GMO organically grown stevia plants which won’t raise blood sugar levels.

    Why Protelicious Whey?

    Protelicious whey provides your body with what it needs the most, yet is hardest to come by – clean, absorbable, high-quality, undamaged protein. Every system in our body needs this quality protein to do its job better – including detox, cellular repair and strengthening immunity. You’ll crave Protelicious because it’s delicious.

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    You've got questions? We've got answers!

    Where does whey protein come from?

    All whey protein starts life as fresh milk, the milk is then pasteurized and separated into cream and skim milk for making cheese, with the whey being the runoff liquid from the cheese-making process. Years ago whey was considered waste and fed to the pigs.

    What are the health benefits I will start seeing right away when consuming Protelicious Whey?

    Over a short to mid length period of time, if you were to have a serving of Protelicious Whey Protein everyday for a few weeks, you could expect the immune system to be boosted, there to be a reduction in cellular inflammation (that’s where aging starts), a little better focus (this is especially great for kids at school), a positive impact on the tone and texture of your skin (for teens this is a welcome benefit) as well as more even blood sugar levels, and better sleep cycles.

    What is the difference between whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate?

    Protelicious Gourmet blends use whey protein concentrate with 80% protein content.The concentrate is a less processed form of Isolate (and therefore has slightly less protein per 100 g). Additionally,the concentrate is SIGNIFICANTLY better tasting. To us the choice to stick to concentrate over isolate was obvious.

    How much protein should I take per day?

    We need on average 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight every day.However, this amount does vary based on age, activity level, pregnancy and other factors.Please visit our website for the recommended quantities of Protelicious.In general, a moderately active adult would benefit from 1 scoop of Protelicious everyday.Protelicious is not responsible for the improper use or consumption of its products by consumers.If in doubt, ask your doctor.

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