4 Ways Cold Filter Processed Whey Supports Your Immune System

4 Ways Cold Filter Processed Whey Supports Your Immune System

Written by: Zabrina Gould-Wilson & Lisa Hazen


It’s that time of year where our daily life now includes conscious efforts to ward off various pathogens, thriving in these lower temperatures. Whether it be the flu, strep throat, the common cold, or something more serious, the best protection against illness is to keep the immune system strong by doing things that supports it.

This does not just mean taking a daily vitamin C tablet during the flu season (which is still a good idea!). Instead, it requires us to build and be conscious of your immune system strength all year round.

Health professionals at OT&P Healthcare have recently stated that there are many factors which can help enhance our immune function, including “healthy diet, exercise, adequate rest, avoiding stress and maintaining a positive psychological outlook” (OT&P, 2020). One of the best ways to achieve a healthy and balanced diet is to ensure that you are receiving enough high quality, absorbable protein.



High Quality Protein & Protelicious


Amino acids make up proteins. These are essentially the ‘building blocks’ of the body. Our bodies use these amino acids to maintain the structure and operation of bodily functions, including muscle recovery, regulation of sleep cycles, stress reduction and mood enhancement. These are all functions which influence our individual immune responses. 


Protelicious is a cold processed whey protein concentrate. Its exceptional amino acid profile benefits your body and keeps you and your immune system strong. How does it do this? Protelicious supports and stimulates antioxidant activity, aids sleep regulation, combats stress, and gives your muscles everything they need to repair.


All of these health benefits can be chalked up to Protelicious’s nutritional profile. Unlike many other whey protein powders, Protelicious uses a cold process which does not jeopardise the structure and function of the high quality proteins you would find in its original form (milk). Thus, in supplementing your diet with Protelicious, you would be providing yourself with a clean source of quality amino acids – supporting your body and your immune system.

So, how does Protelicious support and strengthen the immune function?


1. Amino Acids


Primarily, Protelicious is rich in high-quality proteins and amino acids, the body’s building blocks. Amino acids support our white blood cells – our lymphocytes, in particular – which are the bodies’ first line of defense against harmful viruses and bacteria (Lodoen and Lanier, 2006). White blood cells require specific amino acids to function optimally (particularly cysteine, methionine, glutamine, and leucine). These amino acids aid the synthesis of the antioxidant glutathione (GSH) (Grimble and Grimble, 1998). Not only does glutathione have a ‘detox’ function in its own right by fighting oxidative stress, it also enables the white blood cells to function effectively in efforts to identify and destroy damaging pollutants (Dröge and Breitkreutz, 2000).


2. Production of Antibodies


A key function of the immune system is the production of antibodies. This prevents the entry and infection of harmful bacteria and viruses into our bodies. Antibodies, or immunoglobulins, are made up of amino acids – and due to the relatively high amino acid content, whey protein supports the synthesis of these crucial molecules. With Protelicious feeding the white blood cells with its complete amino-acid profile, the body’s immune function strengthens.


3. Supports your sleep cycle


Whey has a very high concentration of the essential amino acid tryptophan, in comparison with many other sources of protein. Tryptophan has numerous effects on the body, including mood regulation, memory, and in the formation of melatonin. The body produces the hormone melatonin which influences the sleep-wake cycle. These cycles impact many other bodily functions. Including the metabolism of nutrients and the state and strength of the immune system (Tinsley, 2018).


4. Supports a healthier gut


Protelicious is rich in glutamine, an amino acid which assists the immune system by regulating gut health. It does this by protecting the membrane of the intestine, and by maintaining balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ gut bacteria. Maintaining a healthy gut is beneficial to the function of vital organs such as the lungs, kidneys, heart, and liver. Their proper functioning leading to improved health and decreased chances of the development of illness (Samuelson, Welsh and Shellito, 2015).


Protelicious has a full amino acid profile. It contains all of the amino acids our bodies need, as our whey is processed without heat or acidity. Heating a protein (by cooking or applying heat during processing) can denature some of the amino acids. Protelicious, however, is made through a cold process, ensuring all of the vital amino acids remain intact. With the proteins bioavailable for the body to use, a daily scoop of Protelicious can help your body boost its defences naturally. It does so by giving you sufficient amounts of the amino acids necessary to have a healthy diet, get an adequate amount of rest and maintain good gut health. All helping you maintain an optimal immune function.