Our Story

Sheila Partrat, wellness expert, Canadian entrepreneur &  founder of Protelicious Ltd, made a life-changing discovery in the south of France in the summer of 2016. With the help of her friend, Dr. Jean-François Lesgards, a renowned French researcher, she learned that whey protein has significant health and beauty benefits well beyond fitness.  Motivated by her own health issues, Sheila searched for a reliable supply of quality whey and found it in Hong Kong.

After incorporating whey protein into her daily routine, Sheila experienced remarkable improvements in her overall well-being, including immunity, skin, hair, nails, and energy levels. She shared the whey with her family and friends, who also benefited from its positive effects.

Recognizing the common nutritional gap of quality protein in many health-conscious individuals' diets, Sheila launched Protelicious Limited in Hong Kong in 2017. Our first product line, Protelicious Signature Gourmet Whey Protein, a powder concentrate derived from grass-fed New Zealand cows and made with high-quality ingredients, gained popularity for its exceptional taste, texture, and health benefits, leading to international expansion in the USA in 2021 and France in 2022.

In addition to the protein powders, Sheila and her team spent the last five years developing Parad'Ice by Protelicious, a delicious protein-infused ice cream. The goal was to create a gourmet treat with no added sugar and enriched with Protelicious Signature Gourmet Whey Protein that would deliver exceptional taste and health benefits without any compromise.

By 2022 we had achieved a breakthrough and crafted a one-of-a-kind gourmet ice cream,  luxurious in taste and texture, with no added sugar and an incredible 27 grams of quality protein in every pint. This was the start of our ice cream revolution!

Parad’Ice by Protelicious was first launched in Hong Kong in 2022 and as of June 2023  is now available in the US market.

What we once thought was impossible - to have gourmet and wellness in one luxurious product - is Parad’Ice by Protelicious.

Protelicious empowers urbanites with science-backed vitality, beauty, and health benefits, one delicious mouthful at a time.

Our Founders

  • Sheila Partrat

    CEO & Founder Protelicious
    Business leader and long-time champion of wellness, entrepreneur, published author and TEDx speaker, Sheila founded Protelicious, a Functional Food Tech Protelicious which creates functional gourmet foods with the highest quality protein for measurable and science-backed benefits. Sheila is also a veteran Kundalini yoga teacher and practitioner. Her drive to develop products or services which empower individuals to live healthier or more informed lives has animated her 25-year career across Media, Education, Health & Wellness sectors.
    Bachelor in Food Science at McGill
    Masters in Economics & Media Studies Universite de Paris II.

  • Dr. Jean-François Lesgards

    CSO & Co Founder Protelicious
    Dr. Jean-François Lesgards has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry with 25 years of fundamental and clinical research in nutrition, health, and inflammatory diseases. Jean-François also worked 5 years in USA and Canada at the HEART INSTITUTE OF MONTREAL, Qc, CANADA and at the DIABETES & OBESITY CENTER - Division Molecular Cardiology, University of Louisville, KENTUCKY, USA.
    He is now affiliated with the National Center for Scientific Research(CNRS) at Aix Marseille University, FRANCE, and has also worked at INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research), INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) in France.

Our Team

Protelicious is run by a team of complementary entrepreneurs, tech and luxury experts, scientists, and celebrated chefs. Guided by seasoned advisors, together we combine decades of experience from around the world in the core areas of production, distribution, supply chain management, food science, biochemistry, finance, and R&D.