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“Did you know that, in 460 B.C., Hippocrates, founder of medicine, prescribed whey to his patients as a “Serum”. Centuries later, physicians during the Roman Empire recognized whey protein for its greater medicinal values."

Our Story

It all started in the summer of 2016 in the south of France. Sheila, our founder,  and champion of wellness long before the word existed, sat down with her good friend turned Protelicious Chief Science Officer Dr. Jean Francois Lesgards. Between laughs and a glass of rosé, discussions with Jean-Francois led to a surprising and life-changing discovery.

Whey protein, which had been largely represented by the fitness industry as uniquely supportive of bones and muscles, turns out CAN deliver game-changing health benefits. When quality whey is processed in a particular way, it retains all of the heat-sensitive amino acids that optimize every system in our body, including immunity, digestion, hormones, antioxidation, and more. Unlike conventional whey, this quality is also mild & creamy tasting, lending itself to foodie aspirations.

Having been on the hunt for a  health-building boost that she and her family could enjoy, Sheila put Jean Francois's advice to work and sought supply. At the time, her long-standing thyroid disorder and borderline pre-diabetic condition were impacting her vitality, and a few family members recently had health issues. Although this quality whey was incredibly difficult to find, she finally found a small supply in Hong Kong. 

After enjoying it every day for a month, mixed in yogurts, smoothies, homemade ice creams, and chilled coffees,  Sheila remarked with astonishment, improvements in her immunity, skin, and nails, with reduced sugar cravings and improved energy balance. She was hooked. Not only was it truly enjoyable, but the health benefits that she and her family experienced changed their quality of life. 

It dawned on Sheila that many other health-conscious urbanites faced the same gap: an inadequate daily supply of quality protein that presented itself in ways such as; weakened immunity, poor detoxification, sleep or mood issues, or accelerated aging. She immediately saw this as a delicious solution for those, like herself, who were looking to enhance health and wellbeing conveniently, without compromising on taste - the necessary condition to turn it into a daily habit. The drive behind Protelicious was born.

Sheila founded Protelicious while in Hong Kong in 2017. The first product line of gourmet grass-fed whey protein blends was made exclusively with the best whey quality protein as well as the finest ingredients like Valrhona Cocoa. It quickly gained popularity both as a branded ingredient in Food & Beverage and with customers for home enjoyment. 

Protein-infused Ice cream soon became a parallel focus, and Sheila experimented with it tirelessly. The world's favorite treat always comes with that ”enjoyment vs bad for you” trade-off. Not willing to accept this, Sheila inspired and challenged her team to create a new and “no compromise” Ice Cream, to be gourmet, chef-designed, with 0 added sugar, and health-enhancing. Parad'Ice ice cream was born in 2022, delivering gourmet taste & texture, 0 guilt, and health benefits!

International expansion was fueled by demand. A USA entity was established in 2021, and a French entity early in 2022. 

Protelicious empowers the discerning urbanite with powerful science-backed health, immunity & beauty benefits without sacrificing taste or enjoyment with the most unobvious choice - very high-quality whey protein and protein-based foods, one delicious mouthful at a time.

Sheila Partrat, BSc (FSc), M.A., Intrapreneur turned entrepreneur,  self-confessed foodie, published author / TEDx Speaker / Kundalini Yoga Master

Dr. Jean Francois Lesgards: Leading specialist on food, health and inflammatory diseases.

Meet The Team

Protelicious is run by a team of complementary entrepreneurs, biochemical scientists, chefs and guided by mentors and advisors who are passionate about the science-backed links between food and health. Together, we bring decades of experience from around the world; giving us the know how and tools for Protelicious to become a globally respected Brand.

  • Sheila Partrat

    Sheila Partrat

    Founder & CEO

  • Olivier Partrat

    Olivier Partrat

    Acting COO & Director Business Development, Founding Partner

  • Jean-Francois Lesgards

    Jean-Francois Lesgards

    Founding Partner & Chief Science Officer

  • Elena Quijano

    Elena Quijano

    Chief Legal Officer

  • Lisa Hazen

    Lisa Hazen

    Director Business Development & Logistics, Hong Kong & Singapore, Founding Partner

  • Jamie Webb

    Jamie Webb

    Director of Logistics & E-Com, Founding Partner

  • Michelle Chan

    Michelle Chan

    Manager Operations HK & Singapore & Organisational Architect

  • Julia Partrat

    Julia Partrat

    Marketing Manager

  • Andreia Filipa

    Andreia Filipa


  • Stéphane Sourdillat

    Stéphane Sourdillat

    Partner Operational Marketing & Communications leader

  • Faith Lantz

    Faith Lantz

    Digital Architect & Founding Partner

  • Monit Jadhav

    Monit Jadhav


In appreciation & recognition of our fabulous operational advisers

  • Nicolas Olivier

    Nicolas Olivier

    Strategy & Digital Expert, Entrepreneu CEO Co-Founder CARFIT, Co-Founder Maison Epigenetic France

  • Eric Douilhet

    Eric Douilhet

    Expert Lux Brand Development & Distribution, BA, ex SVP Estée Lauder, Canada

  • Alice Lopin

    Alice Lopin

    HR & Leadership Expert, Entrepreneur, Ex-Apple

  • Jacques Boissier

    Jacques Boissier

    Premium Food Districbution Expert, Founder & Previous MD Classic Fine Foods Hong Kong / Macau

  • Abbie Gellman

    Abbie Gellman

    Chef, registered dietitian, food & nutrition expert and Protelicious insider since 2019.

  • Tristan de Terves

    Tristan de Terves

    Marketing & digital innovation & brand awareness expert in food, lifestyle and art, NYC.