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Indulge your cravings while building untapped science-backed health & beauty benefits, one delicious mouthful at a time.

Our Signature Whey Protein, Your New Daily Ritual

Our gourmet quality, mild & creamy whey protein concentrate, the magic base for our products, delivers naturally powerful science-backed benefits with daily use.

Reduces Sugar Cravings & Improves Satiety

Supports Immunity

Reduces Inflammation & Cell Oxidation

Improves Focus, Mood & Sleep

Gourmet Whey Protein Blend

Our customers praise Protelicious gourmet whey protein concentrate blends as the best-tasting & cleanest whey protein. With a maximum of three quality ingredients, our chef-approved blends are guaranteed to deliver powerful immune systemantioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Afternoon snack or after the gym. So delicious that it is a treat!


Been a long time customer of Protelicious and their product is still as delicious and as nutritious as when they first started. Highly recommend them!


Fantastic flavour and mixes perfectly with water, oat, and dairy milk!


Excellent product! Delicious flavour. Smooth texture. Easy to digest. Quick delivery too!


Great product, would recommend for anyone who takes protein supplements. The strawberry flavour is very natural and tasty, not the fake strawberry taste found in lesser quality products. Delivery is quick and efficient.


Tastes great, blends well.


Doctor & Chef Approved, A Word From Our Expert Friends

My patients love this Grass Fed, Non – GMO protein formula that helps to make skin glow, replenishes amino acids and increases glutathione levels making it an excellent anti-aging therapy. Theses amino acids may also assist to correct leaky gut, hormone deficiencies, heavy metal detoxification, chronic pain and mood disorders.

Dr. Lauren Bramley, Medical Doctor

This new gourmet whey powder was an utter surprise. A friend suggested I try it and I was shocked to find it very palatable. It mixes easily into yogurt, warm cereals, smoothies or whatever you normally add protein powder to. The taste is really quite nice – and I am a bit of a “foodie”. The fact that it comes from organic, grass fed cows allows for maximum nutritional benefits.

Dr. Lisa Ronback, Orthopedic Surgeon

Protelicious gives me the ability to eat something quick in the morning and helps me stay satisfied till lunch time. I add Protelicious to my yogurt and some fresh fruit like blueberries or strawberries or even dried fruit like goji berries. It’s quick, delicious, it’s light on the stomach and keeps me full of energy for hours.

Dr. Valerie Leduc, Angiologist & Specialist in Cosmetic

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