Welcome to the Registered Dietitian & Health Professional’s Ambassador Program

Protelicious is a functional gourmet food company with the highest quality protein, delivering science-backed benefits and measurable impact.

As an Brand Ambassador, you'll discover cutting edge science, delicious food, while parterning with us in our efforts to help people live healthy, vibrant lives.

We welcome you on 15 month journey where you will discover our products, have an opportunity to earn, and be exposed to exclusive up to date research to share with your customers and clients and more.

In Partnership with Abbie Gellman, RD & Chef

"I am excited to introduce and invite you to become a Brand Ambassador of Protelicious - a brand I genuinely believe in that has great values and excellent products. I got to know this family-owned, woman-led company a couple of years ago when it was in its initial stages of expanding to the USA.

I have always had a hard time finding a protein powder that I genuinely enjoyed - the ones I would buy were often chalky, artificial, or bland. Protelicious protein powder is a stark contrast: it is surprisingly delicious, clean, mild, and creamy while delivering significant science-backed health benefits."

Become a Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Benefits

Learn & Share About the Latest Science Backed Research

We collect and share all the latest science-based research findings related to high quality protein and how it affects your clients.

Enjoy Complimentary Gourmet Functional Food

Enjoy your favorite flavor of Protelicious Gourmet Whey Protein Powder & Paradice Ice Cream on us.
(For US-based customers only)

Affiliate Program Access

Access our affiliate program where you earn a 10% lifetime commission on every referral sale that comes from your affiliate link or coupon code.

Exclusive Content Library & Access To Protelicious CSO

Gain access to exclusive easy-to-share content designed for Registered Dietitians to educate their audience about the health benefits of high-quality protein & Protelicious products. Join our private facebook community hosted by Protelicious Chief Science Officer.

Meet Protelicious CSO, Dr.Jean-Francois Lesgard

Dr. Jean-François is a French researcher in Biochemistry and expert in food, health, and inflammatory diseases oxidative stress and impacted aging process. Dr Lesgards has more than 20 years of clinical and fundamental research, in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Become a registered dietitian ambassador to read and receive exclusive content by Dr. Lesgard.

After you register, your application will go through a verification process. If accepted, we will be sending out an email shortly after notifying you when you will receive your sample!

We only have a limited number of spots but we will maintain a waiting list for when spots open up in the future.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Our Ground Breaking Products

When you become a Registered Dieitian Ambassador, you will receive samples of products right to your door step. Taste it, enjoy it and share all about it with your customers, clients and audience.

Gourmet Whey Protein Powder

Our gourmet whey protein concentrate blends are praised by our customers to be the best tasting whey protein they've ever had. With only three quality ingredients, our clean, chef approved blends are guaranteed to deliver powerful immune systemantioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

See more nutrition facts here.

Parad'Ice Ice Cream By Protelicious

PARAD'ICE delivers both a luxurious velvety experience, with unmatched benefits and none of the nasties of typical ice cream. With no added sugar and rich in mild & creamy NON-GMO Protelicious Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate which is naturally anti-inflammatory, supports immunity and antioxidation, you can enjoy this creamy treat daily, without guilt.

See more nutrition facts here.

Our Partnership

At Protelicious, we believe that the road to health should be paved with delicious food.

We also believe that too few people also understand the life enhancing benefits of high quality protein. Part of our mission is to educate.

As a trusted partner, we are seeking value aligned partnerships with professionals in the industry who are on the same wave length and will help us share.