• Gourmet

  • Keto Friendly

  • 9g of Quality Protein

  • 0g of Added Sugar

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True Velvety Strawberry

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Size: Pint

Indulge in our heavenly Gourmet Protein and Strawberry Ice Cream. Immerse yourself in luscious Oregon strawberry flavors, leaving you energized and satisfied. Each spoonful delivers an unmatched taste experience, blending handpicked Oregon strawberries and velvety New York-sourced milk and cream.

Our ice cream features high-quality protein from New Zealand grass-fed cows, complementing the flavors perfectly. Enjoy 9g of protein per serving, supporting muscle growth, increasing satiety, and curbing sugar cravings. Treat yourself to a delightful ice cream experience that nourishes your body and satisfies your cravings. Embrace gourmet indulgence and nutritional goodness with our Gourmet Protein and Strawberry Ice Cream.


Whole Milk, Cream, Protelicious Whey Protein Powder, Strawbery puree, strawberries, Erythritol, monkfruit extract, inulin, nonfat milk powder, strawberry flavor concentrate, stabilizer (gum acacia, guar gum, tara gum), bitter blocker

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    True Velvety Strawberry
    True Velvety Strawberry
    True Velvety Strawberry
    True Velvety Strawberry

    • No Added Sugar

    • Grass-Fed

    • No antibiotics

    • No artificial preservatives

    • Gluten free

    • Soy free

    • No GMO

    • No additives

    How To Enjoy

    • Remove From Freezer

    • Wait Until Creamy

    • Indulge

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Delicious Protein Treat

    I really enjoyed the taste and texture of this protein-packed ice cream. What a great option when I need my protein, but want a treat. I can’t wait to try in a smoothie!

    Tristan de Terves
    Amazing flavor, refreshing and healthy

    I was so happy to find this Ice Cream in my local Morton Williams Supermarket! Finally an ice cream that is both healthy and delicious. Very little sugar and lots of Protein. Just try it once and you will understand. I was so disappointed with the Halo Top Flavors, Parad'Ice Straberry is really so delicious, refreshing and natural.


    Strawberry ice cream is never my first pick, but this was my favorite flavor of them all! It has a creamy strawberry flavor and I like the addition of the little strawberry chunks. Very tasty for a protein ice cream.

    So fresh!

    Bursting with the flavor of fresh strawberries and cream - such a lovely and bright surprise! And one I can feel good about including as a treat!

    Like strawberries and cream in a cup

    I usually don't go for Strawberry ice cream but I was impressed at how natural and creamy this tasted. Highly recommend!