4 Ways to Unlock Beautiful Skin with Just One Delicious Product

4 Ways to Unlock Beautiful Skin with Just One Delicious Product

Collagen, Keratin, Antioxidant, and Muscle Support: Everything you need to boost your beauty regime with Protelicious Signature Whey Protein.

Are you in pursuit of youthful radiant skin, strong nails, and luscious hair? Look no further than Protelicious Gourmet Whey Protein, a true powerhouse in the realm of anti-aging.

This high-quality whey protein is more than just a muscle builder, it is a key player in bolstering your beauty regimen and enhancing your natural beauty from the inside out. Daily consumption of quality, cold-filter processed whey protein concentrate provides beauty support in four crucial ways:

Collagen - The Building Block of Beauty

Collagen, constituting 30% of specific body proteins for skin, ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones, is a vital component for maintaining youthful skin. Essential amino acids (EAAs) are necessary for collagen synthesis, and our bodies don't produce them naturally, they are found in many different foods with the best source found in animal proteins. Enter Protelicious Signature Whey Protein, a whey concentrate powder, and a rich source of very absorbable EAAs.

Keratin - Nourishing Your Skin, Nails, and Hair

Keratin is a protein that is fundamental for maintaining healthy skin, nails, and hair. It is also instrumental in supporting your skin’s outer layer - epidermis - hydration and the healing of wounds. Keratin makes up 80% of epidermis skin cells proteins and is abundant in cysteine and serine. Quality whey protein such as Protelicious is a substrate in synthesizing this essential protein, promoting overall beauty.

Collaborating with the body’s naturally occurring collagen and keratin, consuming quality whey on a daily basis reinforces their synthesis.

Muscle Mass Support - Unbeatable Strength for Your Face

The face, with its more than 50 muscles, requires attention and care to combat the telltale signs of aging. Protelicious Signature Whey Protein emerges as the perfect protein to strengthen these facial muscles as quality whey concentrates naturally support muscles and bones. The result of daily consumption is youthful and vibrant-looking skin.

Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Power

Protein plays a crucial role in providing robust antioxidant support by triggering the production of the body's primary antioxidant, glutathione. This activation also enables the rejuvenation of short-lived antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. These pivotal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms work together to fend off skin oxidation and aging caused by sun exposure.

It is the exceptional richness in amino acids (cysteine, methionine) in our grass-fed whey protein that is responsible for the synthesis of glutathione.

In a harmonious symphony, Protelicious Signature Whey Powder collaborates seamlessly with naturally occurring collagen and keratin, reinforcing their synthesis and making quality whey the perfect daily addition to your beauty regime.

Combatting Common Skin Concerns

When it comes to fighting off skin concerns, whey is the natural solution. Whey’s potent antioxidant properties combat photoaging, atopic dermatitis (dry skin), and even wounds. It’s through whey’s powerful antioxidant properties, including sulfur amino acids content and the synthesis of glutathione, but also with lysine, and arginine that it is able to combat skin oxidation and aging, induced by the sun, pollution, and stress.

Moreover, whey protein supports optimal hydration at the epidermal level through keratin synthesis, promoting a glowing and hydrated complexion.

A Perfect Addition to Your Beauty Regimen

The epidermis is the top layer of skin in your body. It has many important functions, including protecting your body from the outside world, keeping your skin hydrated, producing new skin cells, and determining skin color. It's important to take care of your epidermis.

Daily whey consumption works in synergy with topical cosmetics, enhancing their effects. Oils like argan oil exhibit a highly hydrating effect by forming a film on the skin's surface and emollient by acting like a kind of cement between the epidermal cells, which are largely composed of keratin proteins. Another is Hyaluronic acid, which is known for retaining water molecules in the skin (humectant effect) is also boosted by whey consumption.

Whey also collaborates with the body’s naturally occurring collagen and keratin, reinforcing their synthesis, making whey the perfect daily addition to your beauty regime.

Embrace the Ageless Radiance, Deliciously

To unlock these beauty benefits, all it takes is one scoop or 25 grams of our deliciously crave-worthy Protelicious Signature Whey Protein daily. This simple healthy daily habit can make a significant difference in your beauty routine. In fact, in as little as 3 weeks to one month, you can expect to see the start of results and in three months of daily enjoyment, you’ll experience optimum results and cellular renewal.

Protelicious’ creamy texture and mild taste, blend effortlessly into various foods and beverages, like smoothies, coffee, soups, yogurts and so much more, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable addition to your daily regimen.

Embrace the power Protelicious Signature Whey Protein concentrate, and let your ageless radiance shine through. Aging gracefully has never been so empowering, and delicious!!

Try our delicious Blueberry Boost

For a single-serve


  • 25 Grams or 1 scoop Protelicious True Original
  • 250ml or 1 cup of Milk of choice (we use unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • ½ cup of frozen wild or organic blueberries
  • Ice cubes optional


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend till smooth. Add ice cubes if needed to reach the desired consistency

This refreshing and energizing smoothie is a deliciously creamy and satisfying drink with significant health benefits.

Protelicious Signature Whey: Immune building, powerful antioxidant & detox, sustained energy, muscle building, bone support, and keratin boosting and hydration for skin, hair, and nails.

Blueberries and bananas, bring a broad range of vitamins and minerals together with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.