One Simple Way To Help You Detox & Boost Health During Holidays

One Simple Way To Help You Detox & Boost Health During Holidays

Have you ever found that by the beginning of January, clothes feel snug and the head heavy? The hallmark of the post-holiday season’s not so dynamic duo: caloric excesses and lack of exercise! This blog is dedicated to providing you with tips to boost your health during this season.

There are plant extracts that can help our liver regain regular detoxifying function (garlic, dandelion, artichoke or chlorella) following holiday, but our bodies often need a stronger metabolic regulator and detoxification booster. That’s where cold filtration processed whey can help.

The benefits of cold filtration processed whey are abundant. Specifically, for as a detox & slimming boost. Grass fed, cold filtration processed whey can:


1. Re-boost our liver’s detoxifying potential

The liver is our master cleaner, thanks to a molecule called glutathione (GSH) in our liver cells. GSH can be considered the best scavenger/detoxifier and the main antioxidant in the body. However the “holiday diets” rich in sugar and fats produce high amounts of inflammatory compounds through digestion that deplete GSH cell content. To replenish our liver GSH reserves, our bodies need the precursors for the synthesis of GSH, in particular certain amino acids like cysteine and methionine. Whey protein is exceptionally rich in these amino acids compared to many other foods and therefore a great way to help you detox over the holidays.


2. Help to regulate triglycerides and blood sugar to help us slim down

Increasing evidence supports the use of whey protein in medical/nutritional therapy to manage glycaemia. This is done by various biochemical and physiological pathways including the activity of insulin. Trials have shown that whey protein supplementation significantly reduces blood triglycerides, improves blood pressure and vascular function.

Furthermore, whey can contribute metabolically to aid in weight loss. After ingestion, whey functions to invoke and boost satiety. After a few weeks of consumption, whey also improves our ratio of lean mass versus fat mass thus improving our silhouette and health.


3. Boost digestion and intestinal comfort

Whey is also used by health professionals as a gastrointestinal support. Its gastrointestinal protective effects have been demonstrated in several studies and are likely associated with its GSH-stimulating properties. Whey is very rich in glutamatic acid. This may play a role when it is converted to glutamine, an amino acid used as a fuel by the intestines. The association of glutamic acid and sulfur amino acid in whey will participate actively to: regenerate intestinal cells, provide better digestion, reduce inflammation and decrease intestinal permeability to toxins thereby providing an overall improvement in digestive comfort.

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