Quality Protein: The Secret Ingredient To Looking Your Best

Quality Protein: The Secret Ingredient To Looking Your Best

Proteins are vital for the body; as highlighted in the etymology of the word: «proteios» meaning “of first importance”. Proteins are the noble matter of our body and represent around 16% of its mass. 


Proteins are essential for structure: skin, hair (keratin), cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Proteins also exist in the form of tens of thousands of enzymes that facilitate vital reactions inside and outside of our cells that permit DNA and cell replication, adaptation to our environment and maintaining all the body’s balances & systems. High quality protein, like Protelicious, can play a crucial role in appearance, if we consume an adequate amount of quality proteins.


Supports Anti-Ageing:



Look no further than your plate! The anti-aging and health benefits of high quality protein have long been recognised since the time of the ancient Greeks. They did not know at the time that glutathione was the substance responsible for high quality protein anti ageing benefits.  Glutathione has antioxidant properties and helps prevent damage to body tissues by neutralising harmful free radicals and eliminating them from the body, usually associated with ageing. Glutathione also enhances the immune system. It protects the body against harmful microorganisms and prevents foreign substances from causing damage to the tissues.


Adding clean animal protein that provides quality amino acid, upgrades the antioxidant reserves, which are essential to fight against oxidative stress and chronic inflammation (often caused by sugar rich food, stress or air pollution). Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation promote the onset of inflammatory diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and of course … aging.


Despite some products with questionable side effects and negligible results, consumers continue to invest in an array of topical treatments for everything from fine lines to eliminating body fat. Science, however, continues to prove that true beauty and wellness needs to start from within by eating a healthy diet that provides essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.



Improves The Quality Of Your Skin, Hair and Nails:



Collagen, an important skin component, comprises 30 percent of the body’s total protein and helps strengthen skin, promote healthier blood vessels, bones and teeth. Consuming quality protein will help promote the production of collagen to keep your skin firm and healthy.


Additionally, quality protein supplies the body with the amino acids it requires to make keratin – one of the structural proteins in our skin, hair and nails. To boost your body’s natural keratin production, you need to consume an adequate amount of quality protein.


Adding clean animal protein improves the quality of lean muscle mass, collagen, skin, hair and nails. The richness of supply in clean animal protein allows our bodies to efficiently maintain all the proteins that structure our cell membranes, muscles, organs as well as permit the synthesis of all the enzymes that do the vital work in our cells.



Supports Healthy Weight:



High quality protein is a perfect tool to manage weight loss or gain. High quality protein supports lean muscle mass, it can be used as a light snack alone or added to any snack for added nutrition and taste. For weight management or loss, it helps curb sugar cravings and stabilises blood sugar levels. Clinical studies now also show that high quality protein can be of great help in pathologies associated with weight loss.


For weight gain, high quality protein will both induce muscle synthesis (with at least 1.5 g/protein/kg of body weight/day included in your diet) promoted by branched AAs and improve your lean mass (protein)/fat mass ratio with some physical activity but this must be done in combination of a richer diet.